Melodramatic Soliloquy

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The twilight creeps upon my heart.
     A veil is draped upon my brow.
As all my hopes and dreams depart.
     All happiness is lost from here.
     And what remains? A single tear.

The winter falls upon my soul.
     The wind but masks my bitter cry.
For I but wander, made unwhole
     By cold snow's weight and icy frost
     As my heart freezes from love lost.

The sunlight mocks my mournful plight.
     What love had I that I might lose
For who could love my soul of night?
     For all I have is nothingness.
     How could I hope love you'd confess?

Mirth and pain have lost their grasp
     Upon this foolish, stupid man.
A lover's hand he'll never clasp
     And nothing else has any meaning
     For I have lost all of my feeling.

Why do I weep when I have lost
     Nothing, but a foolish hope.
What is a dream's excessive cost?
     Is a dreamer naught but mad?
     Why do I cry over what I never had?

© 1992, 1999 by Victor Ganata