I waste away to nothingness
     as I dream of thee in mine embrace
     and the river of Life flows all around,
     grey, ancient Time flees without sound,
     though I care not

Never will I let thee go again;
     I shall hold thee in my arms forever
     To feel thy heart beat against mine
For my heart yearns for thee,
thou comely maiden now far across the sea

I long for thy light, gentle touch
     that sets my body and soul afire
          my heart races only with the thought
          and magma flows through all my veins
I wish to breath thine sweet fragrance
     to gaze into thine shimm'ring eyes,
     shimmering with the gossamer light
          of the silvery moon
I dream to caress thine skin so soft
     run my fingers through thine silken hair
     and kiss thine crimson lips so sweet
My one wish: to love thee
To be with thee forver, together as One
To be in thee and of thee, inseparable, unchangeable
     Let the world be only thou and I

I breathe a woe-be-gone sigh, a sigh of one love-stricken
     smitten point-blank by Cupid's cruel arrow
Ah, if only thou wert here with me,
     instead of far across the sea
     Thine beauty haunts me in my waking thoughts
          and in my deep and dream-filled sleep
     And in my mind one thought resounds
     And from my lips three whispered words
          Hoping that the Zephyr bears them
          far across the sapphire sea
          that thou might hear and thou might know
               With all my heart and all my soul
                    and with no end
                    I love thee
© 1994 by Victor Ganata