A Single Kiss

Eyes blinded by a veil of dreams
 I see stars everywhere
    beauty kisses my brow
      with her soft lips

    What means a single kiss?

  I will hold you in my arms
the sky's bitter tears shall
    not stain thine garments
nor frosty cold kiss your cheeks
 with his stinging breath

I can feel your heart beating against mine
as you breathe each sweet breath

Stay in my arms, beautiful maiden
    How long might forever last?

Your eyes shimmer in the light
   My breath catches in my throat
   as our lips touch

But my eyes betray none of this,
    and you can only smile

The sky now weeps sweetly upon us
Night sweeps her comforting shadows over us
   as we walk through the darkness
  Hold my hand, for my sake more than yours
           for I tremble with fear
   Walk a while
     until I must go
    I catch you hesitating, with regret
  Regret not, fair maiden
   What means a single kiss?
A sweet kiss, light as moonbeams and glimmering stars
  Your shimmering eyes haunt me as we part
                       into the night, each alone
© 1993 by Victor Ganata