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The Best Part of Friendship
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Wed, May 09, 2001 12:35PM -0600

Ask my sister about this one. I have no idea why it popped into my head.

The First Part of "Friendship" is Friends

Both: Clippity clappity cally-calloo
The best part of friendship is you
RB: Patty, I'm your friend
I'll stick with you through thick and thin
PG: We'll explore
Where no one's been before
RB: And when we're through
I?ll gladly share my lunch with you
Both: Because I am your friend

RB: Where would I be without you as my friend
PG: And what could I do without you
Both: Together forever the rode never ends
the first part of friendship is friends!

PG: Rainbow, you're my friend
and on my word you can depend
RB: We'll use our wits
To keep away the Pits
PG: And when we're done
we'll take a break and have some fun
Both: Together 'cuz we're friends
RB: Clippity clappity cally-calloo
friendship takes two, there's me and there's you
PG: Right! Clippity clappity cally-callee
I won't disagree with great company
(chorus until end)


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©2001 Victor Ganata