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The Saga Continues 2003-08-16

Interesting articles and blog posts:

A list of the more recognizable names of people who are running for governor in California.

W: The Truth will out. You know, all this is doing is reinforcing the stereotype that conservatives are idiots. Bush Misuses Science. Link from Daypop.

Sorry God. I quit. This is just disgusting. Sex Crimes Cover-Up By Vatican. Link from Eschaton.

Interesting that Google thinks that Gore is synonymous to Bush and that Democrat is synonymous with Republican. Hence, the 2000 election. God help us all. Fun with Google's New Synonym Operator

I don't know. I'm seriously considering renouncing my faith. The Vatican has strayed from its message of an all-inclusive loving God. I'm on the verge of saying fuck the pope and his army of pederasts. If God really exists, this would be an excellent time for him to make his presence known. The Pope condemns homosexuals. Link from This Modern World

(more interesting articles and blog posts...)

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Modernizing the Grid

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Perhaps a Dollop of Some Perspective?

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We Have Always Been At War...

Current status read more... - comment


People's Power (The Revolt of the Cockroach People)

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." — John F. Kennedy read more... - comment


Satire? Or Reality?

What is real? Whatever you want to believe, I guess. read more... - comment

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