are you asking how you ended up in med school? remember summer '99 when i asked that, too? but, hey! you're there now. and wherever you go, there you are... you should think positive. now all your friends can ask you to diagnose their variety of ailments. :)
rima [] • 03/14/03 01:13pm
yeah, med school in particular, but life in general. i just think it's hilarious how i've had to make decisions without really knowing what i was getting into: i sent in my statement of intent to register to cal without ever having visited, and then this whole med school thing (and a slew of other things that i can't think of right now in my sleep-deprived state.) i mean, yeah, i know everyone has to make these kind of decisions, and for the most part, i can't say that i would've definitely chosen different if i knew then what i know now. but i guess i'm the kind of person who gets caught up in thinking about "what-if."
[] • 03/14/03 08:20pm
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