The Tranquility of the Damned

Wed, May 29, 2002 10:22PM -0600

T minus 9 hours 38 minutes

So this is it. The mission is set for tomorrow, all systems go, the flight plan all set. There is no time for hesitation or regret. My mind must be clear.

It's funny how all of the sudden my shitty mood lifted for no apparent reason. I suppose by now even my subconscious has realized that there's really nothing else I can do (and this applies to many aspects of my life), that all I have to focus on is the 8-9 hours tomorrow that will encompass the test, and nothing more after that. It doesn't matter if right afterwards the world ends, nuclear missiles come flying out the sky, and everyone is immolated. All that matters is that I get this damned exam finished. The rest of my life (however worthless and hopeless it seems right now) will just have to wait.

Well. Man the battle stations. It's time to kick some ass.


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